Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Last years read, this years reading.

I read a bunch of books last year (above are some pictured) so thought I'd pop a post up recommending some.
The complete list of books I read last year looks like this:
Additionally Xmas just passed and ended with me getting loads of books as gifts ,and also money gifted which I subsequently spent on books. As you can see from the following picture, I've my work cut out for me this year with reading.

I always like to have 3 books open at any one time.
  • One non-fiction book to expand my knowledge of the topics I am interested in.

  • One fiction book which I like to read before retiring to bed, hopefully relaxing in the process.

  • An additional book which for use of a better word I term my 'poo' book. Apologies but it's a true label. Not because the book is bad in anyway. I always like to have a book which I can pick up, read a few pages, then put it down and pick up another time without having to remember whats happened previously. So the perfect time for this book is whilst relieving myself.
This xmas I gained the following non-fiction books.
I gained the following fictional books.
And these are my current 'poo' books.

Gonna be a good year of reading.......

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