Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Speaking at The 21 Convention 2011, London, England

I have supported The 21 Convention and what it stands for since I first came across a little over a year ago.

In that time I have gained such value for the event, what it stands for, the speakers, the attendees and the guy who makes it all happen, Anthony Dream Johnson, that I have wondered how I could repay that value I had gained.

I had thought about this many times before and was always in dismay that my fiscal position did not allow me to directly contribute to the convention in a 'traditional' manner. So instead I always attempt to take part in what valuable discussion's occur regarding the convention, its speakers and their topics, or posts from Anthony over at his blog, taking time to write my comments and impart some value in return for that which I have gained.

As I see, this is an inherently selfish transaction.

In relation to this I was awed today after finding out that another commenter (Joe A) at Anthony's blog had gifted me with an order of DVD's containing convention footage. This gift was not altruistic in any way. In fact it was a purely selfish action which came down to the desire to support the convention.

As Anthony put in his 2010 speech in Orlando - "Your own expression of doing what is in your best interest may be different than my own, but I strongly encourage you to follow it – for your own sake, and mine."

Joe A made it undeniably clear of his reasons for his action. They were inherently selfish, and he benefited from it. Yet both myself, Anthony and the convention benefited also from this action.

It just goes to show how powerful a virtue rational self-interest truly is.

I'll add one more quote from Anthony's essay - “We can help each other best, by helping ourselves first”.

I have a view of what an ideal world should look like, and it is only right that I should selfishly act to try and make that world view. The 21 Convention is a force aimed in that direction.

I wholeheartedly agree with Doug McGuff's comment on the convention.
"…I must say, this group of young people has given me hope for the future. Their motivation to improve their lives in all realms was truly inspiring… I now feel like here may be some hope that this generation can be instrumental in pulling us from the brink of economic and societal collapse. Thanks to Anthony for putting together such a great event and such an impressive group of young people."
-Doug McGuff MD
In fact I expressed much the same in a personal message to Anthony a while back.
"I have come to realise what The 21 Convention really stands for; integrity, self esteem, the rational mind, making the most of the life you have and valuing that life. I feel that with you leading it and the men that it attracts pushing it forward, it will not just represent a changing paradigm in this world, but it can, and I believe will, change it."
This is why it is an honour to have been considered to speak at The 21 Convention 2011 in London, England.

I am truly looking forward to the event, meeting the speakers, attendees and the man behind it all.


  1. Badass! Can you get me a cheap ticket if you present?!?

  2. T21C just keeps getting better and better beyond all expectations. I can honestly say I didn't expect T21C to be this influential when I first heard about it over a year ago, but I kept watching Anthony b/c his ideas were interesting and seemed "right". The testimony you quoted above are very inspiring...

    Good luck with your speaking gig. Someday I hope to make it out to the convention...