Friday, 4 February 2011

Your offended? I don't give a sh#t!!

It caught my attention last night driving home that three separate pieces of news on the radio were either began or ending with something along the lines of the following.
Some listeners may be offended by.....


We apologise if any listeners were offended by.....

Do people not understand that being offended is a completely subjective phenomenon. It's based upon a number of variables including past experience, social conditioning etc. and people are offended by different things.

What offends you might not offend me and vice versa.

For crying out loud! Do people who report on the news or offer their opinions in any discipline not realise the implications of this type of 'political correctness'?

Anyone could be offended by anything.

There are only three logical options to deal with that fact.
1. You say and do nothing, just in case you offend someone.

2.You apologise either up front or after the incident for any offense caused to ANYONE by ANYTHING you say or do.

3. You apologise for nothing, especially your opinion on any topic, because..... you don't give a sh#t!!
Number 1 and 2 are the logical consequence's of caring about offending people. Now you could care less about offending some people over others, but how do news reporters decide who they will offend and not offend? Or who they apologise to and don't apologise to?

It's ridiculous. They would have to begin every story with some disclaimer regarding the chance of offending someone, or, never report anything....just in case they offended someone.

Whatever happened to liberty and freedom of speech?? Why does the state, collective or anyone, have any right to oppress intellectual freedom and opinion?

Number 3 on the over hand takes care of this completely. Anyone can be offended by anything. It doesn't matter what you do, someone, somewhere, might be offended. So you forget about the uncontrollable. You never apologise for your opinion or the information you portray.

Comedian Steve Hughes brings up the ridiculous notion of being offended in the following video.


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  1. Here here Mr Steele and "god" bless Steve Hughes and his heroic comments. Listen and learn society!