Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Evidence Based Resistance Training Recommendations

Today heralds the day of my first peer reviewed scientific publication. Co-authoured with James Fisher and two of my PhD supervisors Stewart Bruce-Low and Dave Smith, the article represents an evidence based set of resistance training recommendations to replace the psuedo-scientific recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine.


If you have any interest in exercise then read, distribute and enjoy!!


  1. Congratulations! This is a great article. I have already sent it to many people I know :)

  2. Really interesting article. Shared it one facebook, it really challenges our conventional assumptions about exercise.

    One factor that I didn't see discussed in your study was adherence. It would be really interesting to me to see if your approach had more or less adherence than the ACSM, I think for general exercise recommendations this variable is just as important as the efficiency of the approach.

  3. Good paper, I really enjoyed it, very refreshing to see someone go over the current literature and form further consolidations for an efficient way to strength train.

  4. James,

    Just came across your article and ready it today.

    Really good info, and congrats on first time getting published.

    There really is a need for more scientific based research on the conventional wisdom when it comes to working out.

    - Chris Cannon

    P.S. I made a post in response to the paper, giving my "non-academic" take on it, would love your feedback.